Unlock the complexity of SMS messaging through a comprehensive set of testing tools available anytime, anywhere

SMS messaging is a complex environment. Due to a fragmented supply chain and scarce end-to-end information system by design, SMS are not provided with transparent QoS.

TestSMS helps you verifying the quality of your messaging connections by combining a plug and play management interface and an extensive network of end-user devices globally located.

Verify SMS Delivery

Get real-time SMS reciept info from live devices and detect Fake DLR.

Control SMS features

Verify SenderID support, MNP accuracy, content changes, and all SMS properties.

Assure Time

Gather information on the end-to-end delivery speed and check your message is delivered in a timely manner.

Service concept

Leveraging on a large network of nodes, populated via a consumer Mobile App, TestSMS guarantees that the testing numbers managed through the platform are always online and continuously rotated. In combination with the absence of unique ID in the message content and dynamic content generation, this guarantees that tests are performed on users phones never grasped by SMS routing algorithms, often subject to "white-listing", aiming to simulate a real end-to-end SMS delivery experience.

“Thanks to TestSMS we managed to improve by 20% the conversion of our Marketing Campaigns identifying SMS gateway with a high percentage of Fake DLR”

― Matt Johnson

Easy-to-us Web interface

Select what to test and where, or create programmable testing scenarios.

Check the results online, get notified by email, or use the API to import them onto your systems.

Why TestSMS

Get quickly integrated with the largest network of testing nodes globally and verify your SMS QoS.

Avoid whitelisting

With 100+ nodes in each Network, we ensure the test numbers are always reliable.

Fastest Growing

Our testing community is the largest in the market and get you covered globally.

Ported numbers

With multiple hones under each operator coverage, we offer multiple combinations of MNP status.

Fully secured

Stay encrypted and protect your connections with SSL.

Seamless integration

Get online in minutes with REST and SMPP API, directly in your SMS system.


No need to adjust to our system. Use yours, send SMS and get reliable delivery results.

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